December 2020

We are a couple without great manual skills and with little technical knowledge and before embarking on our “journey of life” we wanted to be sure not to be “abandoned” in case our new home on wheels named Kami would have a breakdown.

A five-year research with careful visits to various companies producing expedition vehicles led us to choose Unicat for two fundamental reasons: they ensured us an after-sales service with a constant service even at an international level and they immediately seemed like they produce the highest and most versatile quality.

The project was long and detailed due to Kami’s particular layout and all our stylistic requests but now, after three years “on the road” in severe climates and terrains, we are more happy than ever with our choice.

Unicat not only tried to satisfy all our aesthetic and technical needs but it has given us and continues to give us constant assistance support. 

The team of experts from the beginning made us feel at ease and teached us to know the most relevant aspects of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of our new home and also of the truck that transports it.

They never did abandon us even when we were overseas.

We would not change anything in our new home and we certainly would not change our choice for Unicat.

Igor & Monica