Intro Engineering

Designing and manufacturing of a UNICAT vehicle can easily be compared with building a house or a yacht.
The requirements raised by your personal home preferences and lifestyle must be matched with the technical requirements of building a off-road capable vehicle.
To offer safety and comfort, your vehicle has to withstand extreme conditions far away from paved roads.
This requires expertise and experience in a wide range of specialist fields: Vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, vibrational theory, thermodynamics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical engineering, insulation, air conditioning, plumbing, water treatment, interior design, furniture construction, etc.
Coordinating all departments and combining them into a functioning overall system is the indispensable condition for the high quality standard of UNICAT vehicles.
Professionalism also means making constant use of the current state of materials research and developing own solutions wherever there are no satisfactory solutions available.
And solving such details to perfection is exactly what we are standing for.
For example, UNICAT has created own solutions for sealing of flaps and doors, burglar-proof locking systems and hinges, double insulating laminated glass windows that are suitable for traveling in high altitudes, torsion-free subframes and many other components.
If available, we of course also use components from the shipbuilding and other industries.
Often the purchased devices and materials are refined at UNICAT and optimized for special use.
Of course, we benefit from our decades of experience in purchasing, which has led to many years of, in some cases very intensive, cooperation with suppliers.
Due to the intensive contact with our customers, we also know what has proven itself in practice and what new wishes exist.
This feedback flows into every new development.
Before we hand over your finished UNICAT vehicle to you, it is put through its paces once again in extensive tests – under all expected operating conditions.
And because we have been meeting our extremely high quality standards for decades, you receive exceptional guarantees on all work carried out by UNICAT.