UNICAT bodies – distinguished by the sum of their details.
Even the very first UNICAT bodies were made entirely from sandwich panels with top layers made of glass fiber reinforced polyester (GFRP).
The panels were connected with external and internal glued angle profiles made of the same material, so that corrosion problems and thermal stresses were structurally excluded.
Many of the very first bodies are still in operation today, and many have seen the whole world.
The obvious advantages of sandwich panels have made this material the standard.
But their connection to a stable and cold bridge-free structure requires more.
UNICAT floor panels are reinforced by a tubular steel frame, which allows a strong and permanent connection with the floor assembly.
At UNICAT, the sandwich panels are assembled without the use of wooden inserts, which would become noticeable as cold bridges in use. This results in a significantly higher installation effort, which pays off in daily use.
UNICAT doors and windows have reinforced corners, theft-proof mounted special hinges, double seals, insulating hard glazing and multi-point locks.
Today UNICAT not only produces simple bodies in standardized and customer-specific designs, but also side extensions, swing-outs, flip-outs, folding roofs and lifting roofs have been part of the delivery program for decades.