Interiors from UNICAT – more than a vehicle full of furniture.
Of course you should feel comfortable in your new home – which is why we are happy to leave the decision about surfaces, fabrics and colors to you.
But because your new house rolls on wheels, you should take advantage of UNICAT’s experience where it differs from a permanent house.
Your rolling house, for example, does not have a cellar into which the heating could be banished, the electricity does not come from the socket by itself, the water does not come from the wall and the waste water does not simply disappear into the drain.
Space for installation of the technical equipment must be reserved, namely where everything heavy and sensitive in a vehicle belongs and is protected from vibrations, frost and dust.
So if you already have fixed ideas about the floorplan, please don’t be surprised if we contradict this – this is also part of the advice at UNICAT.
Once the planning is complete, the execution can begin.
Perfect craftsmanship is not enough here either.
Pieces of furniture in an expedition vehicle are exposed to completely different and much greater loads than the furniture in your home.
Sometimes your vehicle is in Alaska or Mongolia at -40 ° C, sometimes in Namibia at +50 ° C, sometimes the relative humidity is 90%, sometimes only 20% – and on the way between the extremes, the furniture is exposed to a permanent earthquake.
In order to withstand these loads on a permanent basis, UNICAT furniture is not only simply built, but also initially designed on CAD. The number and type of furniture connections, the number and position of the hinges, the roller sliders and locks are determined according to specified calculation methods.
Even the joints are structurally determined in such a way that the load-bearing parts can be perfectly connected to the structure.
After all, the furniture, which later forms a firmly connected unit with the body should just last as long.
And if you ever want a change, the front panels can easily be exchanged – thanks to CAD, we finally know the dimensions of each piece of furniture with millimeter precision.