Hello and welcome to the website of UNICAT

I am Thomas Ritter, founder and active partner of the company.

With this video I would like to briefly introduce you to our website and help you to navigate.
For most menu items on the website you will find additional introductory videos on the topics covered there. So you can listen to the introductions or, of course, read them.

Under COMPANY we would like to introduce ourselves, our philosophy, our workshop and our team.
Last but not least, there is a section where customers report on their experiences with UNICAT.

In the VEHICLES area, we guide you through our current product range, starting with the proven TERRACROSS vehicles, the MODULAR build vehicles, continuing on to completely INDIVIDUALly designed vehicles through to PROFESSIONAL, the special vehicles for commercial use.
With floor plans and technical descriptions, supplemented by sample photos, we would like to give you a first impression and overview.
In the CLASSICS section we invite you to immerse yourself in the history of UNICAT and to discover some vehicles that were built during the past 4 decades.

If you are interested in technical details, you should not miss the menu item ENGINEERING, in which we deal with the many aspects that have to be taken into account when planning, designing and manufacturing an expedition vehicle.

Unicat is not just a supplier, but a partner to its customers – before, during and after the purchase of their expedition vehicles. Under the menu item SERVICE you will find comprehensive information about all the services we provide for your trip.

VIDEOS is your access to our technical videos, presentations of new vehicles and live streams that we have produced on various topics.

We invite you to dream in the GALLERY area. Here you will find photos and videos from trips from all over the world that were kindly provided by our customers.

If you are looking for a used Unicat vehicle, please visit the SECOND HAND section

And finally, we will inform you about our activities and updates of the website in the NEWS area

On all the pages, you can select the language and directly find areas that interest you by entering a keyword in the search field.

You will also find our contact details at the end of each page.

I hope you will enjoy the UNICAT website

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