Intro vehicles

Different requirements call for different answers.
The basic needs of world travelers are similar – nevertheless there are different demands on the body and the vehicle as a whole.
Always, the principle of uncompromising quality is the common base.
With 4 product lines, UNICAT offers different solutions for different needs.

TERRACROSS – Bodies in various sizes with proven and tested fixed floor plans and the appropriate technical equipment.
The design drawings and documentation have already been created, which saves costs and shortens the construction time. 
We offer a selection of 11 models with a body length of 4.1 to 7.8 meters, which can be mounted on 4×4 or 6×6 chassis.
A large selection of materials allows the design to suit your personal taste.

MODULAR – Made-to-measure bodies with a variable floor plan, based on proven modules and proven technology.
If no proposed floor plan fits, we offer you the opportunity to implement your own floor plan.
The combination of proven, already existing modules with additional elements offers a lot of personal freedom of choice.

INDIVIDUAL – Here we fulfill your very individual wishes.
If you can dream it, we will built it.
We’ll start with a blank sheet of paper and listen to you.
We exchange ideas, followed by first drafts, drawings in 2D or 3D, possibly also simulations on a 1: 1 scale.
The aim is to fully meet your personal requirements while at the same time taking into account all technical and operational aspects.
Our decades of experience in the design and manufacture of individual expedition vehicles is a guarantee for the successful implementation.

PROFESSIONAL – Not only private individuals appreciate the know-how of UNICAT, also companies, organizations and authorities are among our customers.
In the past, custom-made products were designed and manufactured for civil use in science, research, medicine, education, presentation and transportation.