Technical support

The UNICAT team takes pride in standing behind its work and provides technical support around the clock, wherever you are in the world.
Most questions can be answered directly by phone.
But where a picture is worth a thousand words, we are happy to help with all available means and communication channels.

Shipping of parts

As part of the design process, we meticulously document the complete specifications of your vehicle.
With this information, we can identify, procure or manufacture any parts you may need.
After checking for completeness and careful packaging, we will send the parts anywhere – if necessary by courier.

On-site service

Even a UNICAT vehicle eventually feels the strains of a trip around the world so thoroughly enjoyed by their owners.
Regular maintenance of the chassis and inspection of the entire vehicle are necessary to guarantee the functionality and reliability of your vehicle.
Since there will not be a certified workshop with well trained mechanics everywhere in the world, we consequently offer the UNICAT ON-SITE-SERVICE.
We will send a trained UNICAT employee to a suitable meeting point who will then carry out the inspection and maintenance of your vehicle on site or instruct and monitor the work of local staff.

Emergency service

Inevitably, there will be occasional faults, damages or worn parts.
On rare occasions, it may be necessary to provide emergency support on-site.
For this contingency, we have specially trained mechanics who are prepared to fly and drive to your location – wherever you are – in no time.
They will bring the parts, tools and expertise required to fix any problem.

UNICAT will never leave you stranded.