UNICAT – always at your service!

With this offer – which requires a certain organization and team size – UNICAT clearly stands out from all other competitors on the market.
We stand behind our work and offer competent advice, service and support worldwide and around the clock.
Equipment of the vehicle, operation and maintenance instruction, driving and repair training, registration, insurance, secretarial services, transfer, shipping, customs formalities, storage, shipping of spare parts, worldwide repair and maintenance service, refit, refurbishment, sale of your vehicle and care of the new owner – our experienced team has been providing all of these services for many years with a lot of personal commitment and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.
This offer does not only apply to newly delivered vehicles, it also and especially applies after the warranty period, regardless of whether we built the vehicle for you or whether you purchased it as a second hand vehicle from us.
However, we can only offer this service for our customers and exclusively for UNICAT vehicles, as a trusting relationship and complete documentation are essential requirements for this.
We take care of the documentation during the construction of every vehicle, we strive for a trusting relationship between team and customer every day, ultimately it is the belonging to the family of the UNICAT owners that makes the difference.