Made-to-measure bodies with a variable floor plan, based on proven modules and proven technology.
If no proposed floor plan fits, we offer you the opportunity to implement your own floor plan with freely selectable length, width and height.
The combination of proven, already existing modules with additional elements offers a lot of personal freedom of choice.
The construction and planning effort remains modest, as do the costs and the construction time.
Beyond question – quality is the top priority here too – as with all UNICAT vehicles.
The choice of options is nearly unlimited.
We would be happy to advise you comprehensively and without obligation about the various options and the price range that the MODULAR series offers you.
We will be happy to provide you with personalized design drawings and your personal offer against reimbursement of a flat-rate fee.
There are almost no restrictions when it comes to the choice of chassis, you or us can supply it.
The assembly of the superstructure on the chassis takes place using the torsion-free UNICAT floor assembly, further chassis conversions and add-ons are also possible.
The design, equipment and execution are based entirely on your personal taste: covers made of fabric or leather, kitchens in wood, Corian or stainless steel, furniture with laminate or wood surfaces, floors made of wood or stone, … almost everything is possible … at a fair price.