UNICAT will be your partner for buying and selling pre-loved Unicat expedition vehicles at a fare price.
Therefore, the SECOND HANDS area of the Unicat website is available for re-homing of used UNICAT expedition vehicles.
After preparing a comprehensive sales profile, potential buyers can browse the complete details, specifications and photographs of the vehicles currently available and of those we have successfully sold in the past.
The profile will not only be published in the market area of our website but also made available to our network of prospective buyers.
Our service technicians will check your vehicle and make recommendations to get the vehicle in a technically perfect and visually appealing condition.
Our knowledgeable sales team will explain and demonstrate your vehicle to potential buyers. 
UNICAT will take care of the handover and will make sure that the new owner will receive the same high level of service and support as if buying a new UNICAT vehicle.