If you can dream it, we can built it

With this principle and a unique blend of traditional craftmanship and most modern technology, UNICAT has achieved the top position in the expedition business.
UNICAT has been developing and manufacturing expedition vehicles for more than 40 years and offers different solutions for different needs with 4 product lines.
The realization of a high-quality expedition vehicle is a challenge and begins with competent and personal advice, in which the wishes of the customer are brought into harmony with the laws of physics and the available manufacturing capabilities – UNICAT leaves nothing to chance here.
This is followed by planning, design and development, for which, depending on the product line, proofen and tested concepts can be used, modified or entirely new concepts will be developed.
Production is carried out by a team of experienced specialists – all united under one roof and coordinated by our project management.
Slowly, piece by piece, the vehicle emerges and takes shape.
Once all tests and training have been completed, the big moment is ahead.
The handover of every vehicle is a special time of pride, both for the owner and for the UNICAT team.
It is the beginning of a great adventure for the owner and the new role of UNICAT as a partner for service and advice on the journey – worldwide and around the clock.
UNICAT develops and produces technically sophisticated solutions for all-wheel-drive special vehicles – this is why UNICAT vehicles have their price – and they are worth it. For a long, long time.