Technical equipment

The technical equipment of the body is a matter for specialists – and not just one specialist, but many.
The body, the chassis conversions, the furniture, the extensive energy supply and distribution system, communication and monitoring, water supply and disposal, the heating system, air conditioning and ventilation, the hydraulics and pneumatics – everything is designed and coordinated with CAD systems so that a functioning whole is created .
At UNICAT, the chassis conversions are carried out by mechanics, the bodies are assembled by fiberglass specialists and the furniture is installed by carpenters.
The electrical systems are installed by experienced electricians.
At UNICAT we have the necessary special tools and test equipment available, which today can be used in each individual area to improve quality.
In reality, UNICAT, with over 40 highly qualified employees, is big enough to look after every detail professionally – but also small enough to look after you personally and to make your vehicle a real team work.