During the journey


Many world travellers forgo a fixed residence and may no longer have a permanent address. This can cause difficulties with postal messages.
We can help by providing a confidential processing service at a fixed address. All mail sent here will be opened, scanned and made available to you via the Internet.
This gives you full, secure access to all your documents enabling you to respond to any notifications in a timely fashion.
Your mail will be handled discretely and stored securely.


This is a customs document necessary for the temporary import of a vehicle into some countries. We can help with the paperwork necessary to procure a Carnet for your vehicle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnet_de_Passages_en_Douane


We can also arrange country specific vehicle insurance and if necessary – local registration.


We can ship or drive your vehicle to or from anywhere in the world. 
We can book the passage and arrange insurance for the journey.
We are experienced in handling the myriad of details necessary to prepare your vehicle for shipping.
Then we transfer the vehicle to the port where we complete the preparation and manage the customs and loading formalities.
At the destination port, we will collect the vehicle for you.
We will take care of the customs and import requirements.
Our staff will reinstate and check the vehicle so it is ready for driving.
Finally, the vehicle will be delivered to your preferred location.
You just have to go on board with your travel mates and the adventure can begin. 


UNICAT has partners and friends in many countries around the globe.
We can provide or arrange long-term storage at a safe location.
The vehicle will be secure, remotely monitored and often provided with shore power.