Chassis refinements

Once the suitable chassis has been selected, it is necessary to convert it into an expedition chassis through suitable modifications and additions, thus creating the basis for a successful overall vehicle.
40 years of experience in converting chassis from different manufacturers and the knowledge of which changes make sense for which chassis make UNICAT the right partner here too.
To be more precise, the perfect partner, because only if the chassis modifications and the body come from a single source can an optimal synthesis be achieved.

Here is a small excerpt of the chassis conversions carried out by UNICAT

Alarm systems
Additional instruments
Additional locks
Auxiliary lights 
Cab lining
Cab soundproofing
Cab extension
Carriers for motorcycles
Carrier for SMART
Carrier for quad
Conversion from 4×4 to 6×6
Conversion to automatic transmission
Cyclone filter
Axle conversion to independent suspension
Elevated unit ventilation
Elevated air intake
Fuel heater
Fuel prefilter 
Hydraulic wheel drives
Hydropneumatic suspension
Lift axle
Navigation systems
Oil cooler
Overhaul of historic chassis
Passage to the box body with bellows
Ram protection
Rear axle steering
Reversing cameras
Roof rack 
Spare wheel holders 
Storage boxes 
Tank systems
Telescopic masts
Temperature monitoring 
Thermal imaging cameras 
Tire change 
Tire pressure control systems
Torsion-free subframes
Torsion-free subframes, adjustable in height
Underride protection, foldable
Video systems
Wheelbase modification