Independent and safe travel requires not only a suitably designed vehicle but also the right equipment to be able to supply yourself with water, fuel and, if available, external electricity in daily use, no matter where you are on the planet.
And if something goes wrong, you should be prepared as well.
In over 40 years and on many of our own trips, we have experienced all conceivable situations – therefore, UNICAT can perfectly equip you and your vehicle right from the start.
We can source and accommodate the equipment you need and train you to use it properly.
The following should be on board so that the adventure always stays fun.
Equipment for the supply of water, fuel and electricity e.g. hoses, cables, adapters, pumps and filters.
Everything about life outside such as chairs, table, sun protection and cooking gear.
Self-recovery equipment like recovery straps, shackles, grab hoists, sand plates, lifting devices, chainsaws and anti-skid chains.
Tools for carrying out maintenance and repair work, special tools, testing and diagnostic equipment.
Equipment for changing and repairing tires and valves.
Maintenance and wear parts such as different types of oil, filters, belts, windshield wipers, fuses and lamps.
Spare parts for chassis and body such as mirrors, lights, relays, filters and water pumps.
Repair material for glass damage or damage to the body.
On request, we are happy to put together the complete interior equipment and decoration for your vehicle, from kitchen appliances to towels and bed linen.