To use the full potential of your UNICAT vehicle, comprehensive instruction and practical training are essential.
This service is not only available at UNICAT, we even insist that you get to know your vehicle in detail and practice operating it under our expert guidance.
The “pilot license” for your UNICAT vehicle includes getting to know the various systems during the construction phase and completing a multi-day instruction as part of the vehicle handover.
The sessions may occasionally be intense but ultimately you will have a deep understanding of the vehicle and be ready to embark on greater challenges.
In addition, we are available for other practical training units such as tire change, cab tilting, filter change and other maintenance work.
UNICAT also has its own test track with an obstacle course. Here you can experience and practice driving techniques in the safe hands of our experienced trainers.
Would you prefer to do the instruction and training at your home or at another place on this planet?
No problem – we will transfer your vehicle and send an experienced trainer who will provide the same expert guidance on site.