• Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733 6×6
  • Extended cab
  • Wheel base 4745 mm + 1450 mm (186.8” + 57.1”)
  • Engine performance 240 kW / 326 hp, Euro 5
  • Allison 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Transfer case with off-road gear reduction
  • All-wheel drive with central differential lock
  • Differential lock in front and rear axle
  • Parabolic leaf springs
  • Drum brakes with ABS
  • Tires 14.00 R 20 tubeless
  • Separable aluminum rims
  • Extended frame overhang
  • Foldaway underride guard
  • 2 chamber fuel tanks, capacity 850 liters (224.5 US gallons)
  • Fuel prefilter with water separator and preheating
  • Connector for compressed air
  • Central tire inflation system CTIS
  • Engine block heater
  • Insulated and heated battery case
  • Canister mount for 2 x 20 liters (5.3”) canisters under the cab
  • 22 liters (5.8 US gallons) water tank with tap under the cab
  • Skid plates under tanks and transfer case
  • Roof rack
  • 4 additional Xenon lights on roof rack
  • 4 LED working lights sideways
  • Light guards
  • Radiator guard
  • Additional safety locks for drivers cab
  • 2 air suspended seats, heated + ventilated
  • Cooling box in the rear of the cab, capacity: 18 liters (4.8 US gallons)
  • Insulating door for access to cabin
  • Integrated air conditioning
  • Auxiliary heater
  • Back eye camera
  • Electronic immobilizer
  • ETA automatic cutouts
  • Radio with MP3/USB and iPod connection and voice control
  • Satellite navigation (GPS)
  • CB radio
  • 230 V, 24 V outlets and USB charging outlets in the cab


  • Length 7130 mm (280.7”), width 2480 mm (97.6”), height 2155 mm (84.8”)

    Inner dimensions of the cabin
  • Length 7010 mm (276.0”), width 2360 mm (92.9”), height 1973 mm (77.7”)

    Frame assembly
  • 4-point kinematic attachment with main and flex mounts
    for stress-free body coupling to the torsion elastic chassis frame

    Body unit construction
  • Self supporting UNICAT sandwich plate panels of fiberglass composite
  • Panel connections made by adhesive bond to custom extrusions
    eliminates metallic heat conduction paths
  • Matched thermal coefficients of expansion prevent distortion with changes in temperature
  • Wall thickness 60 mm (2.36”) with polyurethane foam insulation, 3 mm (0.12”) FRP outer surface, 2 mm (0.08”) FRP inner surface, insulation rating 0.44 W/m2 K (0.078 Btu/ft2 hr °F)
  • Bottom panel with integrated welded steel frame and FRP surfaces
  • Additional bottom insulation
  • Slope at rear to improve slope angle
  • Slanted front of body for better aerodynamics and appearance

    Access to drivers cab
  • Highly flexible waterproof bellows coupling
  • Access closable

    Entrance door and storage compartment doors
  • Entrance door and storage compartment door
    constructed of fiberglass composite panels and frames
  • Thickness of doors 60 mm (2.36”)
  • Double sealed doors with heavy duty locks with seal compression
  • Stainless steel hinges throughout
  • Additional retractable bolts at top and bottom of entrance door
  • Safety cylinder locks all keyed alike
  • Mosquito net for entrance door

  • Burglarproof, scratchproof top-hinged windows with fiberglass frames
  • Double insulated thermal window glass
  • Double seals with heavy duty lock
  • Stainless steel hinges throughout
  • Stainless steel lifting and locking device
  • Aluminum-frame black-out and mosquito blinds
  • Fixed windows in the front

  • Burglarproof skylight with aluminum frame
  • 12 mm acrylic glass
  • Heavy duty lock
  • Full size UNICAT skylights above the bed and above the seating area,
    constructed of fiberglass composite panels and frames
  • Double seals
  • Aluminum-frame black-out and mosquito blinds

  • Integrated 3-step staircase
  • 2-step stairway, electrically motorized

Interior layout

  • Seating area for 4-6 persons, with swiveling, foldable table on pedestal in the front of the cabin
  • Seat bench usable as single bed
  • Seating unit converts to double bed, size: 1400 mm x 2000 mm (55.1” x 78.1”)

  • Double bed with suspension, ventilation, heating, and comfortable mattress
    in the rear on pedestal
  • Size: 1800 mm x 2000 mm (70.9” x 78.1”)
  • Sliding door to separate from main room

    Sanitary room
  • Large combined shower and toilet room with door to isolate from living area
  • Cupboard with VARICOR countertop and integrated wash basin
  • Wall cupboard with mirror above the basin
  • Also usable as dry storage due to its own radiator
  • Folding seat bench above toilet

  • Varicor countertop with integrated stainless steel sink
  • 2-plate induction cooker
  • Oven with microwave and grill
  • 160 liters (42.3 US gallons) fridge with freezer rated 3 stars
  • 52 liters (13.7 US gallons) fridge/freezer box
  • Kitchen cabinet with drawers on ball bearings
  • Shock-proof separation for tableware, cookware and kitchen appliances
  • Overhead cupboards above kitchen
  • Folding kitchen countertop

  • 2 wardrobes with clothes rail
  • Several cupboards with shelves or drawers
  • Storage drawers
  • Cupboards, overhead cupboards and storage boxes in bed area
  • Storage boxes in seating area
  • Storage boxes under entrance steps
  • Pull-out cupboard
  • Outside storage compartment under the bed pedestal

  • All furniture is built to the highest cabinetmaking standard,
    made of wood core plywood using heavy duty locks and hinges
  • White surfaces and teak edges

  • Teak floor
  • Walls and ceiling are painted with multiple coats
  • Wall lining in the seating area made of Alcantara
  • Wall and ceiling lining in the bedroom made of Alcantara
  • Upholstery made of Alcantara

Technical equipment

  • Control panel for power management and monitoring of liquid levels
  • Battery main switch, fault current breaker, safety cut out
  • DC power supplied by AGM battery bank
  • Battery capacity: 24 V – 630 Ah
  • Charged by vehicle’s alternator with charge distributor
  • Alternator with automatic I-U regulator, charge rate: 28 V – 110 A
  • AC-DC chargers: 28 V – 60 A
  • Inverter/chargers 230 V AC, continuous output 6 kW, peak output 12 kW, charge rate 140 A
  • International shore power connectors 90-260 V AC (45-65 Hz)
  • Power plugs for 12 V, 24 V DC and 230 V AC
  • Solar power system 400 W

    Remote monitoring
  • Outside temperature, inside temperature, temperatures technic
  • Fresh water temperature, waste water temperature
  • Body batteries: voltage, battery power, battery capacity, battery temperature, history
  • Chassis batteries: voltage battery power, battery capacity, battery temperature, history
  • Generator batteries: voltage battery power, battery capacity, battery temperature, history
  • Solar power system: solar voltage, solar yield
  • Barometric pressure measurement
  • Radiation measurement

    Remote control
  • Heating system on/off
  • Antifreeze protection

  • Water-cooled Fischer Panda diesel generator with 2-cylinder diesel engine
  • Performance: 6.1 kW / 7.2 kVA
  • Radiator for hot climates, with automatic post-cooling
  • Pressurized cabinet, to protect against water entering, while fording

    Music system / TV / video
  • Stereo music system with MP3/iPod connection and voice control in the seating area
  • Stereo music system with MP3/iPod connection and voice control in the bedroom
  • Speakers in the seating area
  • Satellite TV system with automatic satellite acquisition
  • 27” iMac with DVD Player
  • DVB-S satellite tuner

  • LED ceiling lights above the table, kitchen, bed, corridor, and bath
  • Reading lights in bed and seating area
  • Lights for outside storage compartments
  • 4 LED working lights at the rear

    Water supply
  • 600 liters (159 US gallons) freeze-proof drinking water tanks
  • 60 liters (15.9 US gallons) hot water heat-exchanger with auxiliary electric heater
  • All plumbing is insulated to prevent freezing
  • Waste water tank, capacity 150 liters (39.6 US gallons), freeze-proof, with drain pump
  • City water connector
  • Outside shower
  • Winterisation

  • Cassette toilet
  • Removable rollable sewage cassette tank, capacity 19 liters (5 US gallons)

    Heating system
  • Diesel powered warm water central heating (9 kW (30,700 Btu))
  • Connection of heating system with the engine cooling system through a heat exchanger,
    to heat the body and hot water tank from engine’s waste heat
  • High radiant heat share due to radiators in living area and sanitary room
  • Towel dryer type radiator, mounted in the shower
  • Additional heater in bed area
  • Antifrost system
  • Preheating for generator, diesel fuel tanks and chassis batteries

  • Integrated split-type air conditioner, performance 3.2 kW (11,000 Btu),
    powered by the generator, batteries or shore power
  • Quad garage
  • Awning 4500 mm x 2000 mm (177.6” x 78.7”)
  • Lashing points for awning on side wall
  • Spare wheel rack with lift on rear wall
  • Mounting for 4 sand ladders
  • Satellite tracking system

General information

  • 20,000 kg (44,092 lbs)

    Overall dimensions
  • Length 11130 mm (438.2”), width 2500 mm (98.4”), height 3680 mm (144.9”)