December 2004
We are the proud owners of an expedition vehicle on a MAN TGA 6×6 chassis. 
We are enthusiastic African travelers and have chosen a route that is not quite so easy for our first tour: Tunisia, Libya, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Ghana.
After more than 9,000 kilometers, we are completely awed by this vehicle.
The MAN has never showed even the slightest weakness. It is simply perfect.
UNICAT has built for us a cabin with all the luxuries imaginable; and these luxuries have withstood the substantial stresses and strains of this trip.
Actually, nothing broke, which is unbelievable when you consider the level of complexity of this vehicle.

August 2005
We have returned from our second trip with our UNICAT vehicle. We have travelled more than 10,000 kilometers through Namibia, Zambia and Botswana, mostly off-road, and we are again completely fascinated by the quality and level of comfort that this truck that you have built for us, has to offer.
Once more we want to express our heartfelt thanks to the UNICAT team for your incredible work.

June 2006
We have safely returned from travelling around the African continent, and would like to thank you and the complete team at Unicat once more. I may repeat myself, but you have built a fantastic truck for us.
Until next time and give our regards to the whole team

August 2007
We spent December 2006 and the first 2 months of 2007 in South-East Asia with our Unicat vehicle. The vehicle was shipped to Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia; from there we started our round-trip to North Thailand and then back south through Laos and Cambodia.
Unfortunately we were not able to tour China without a guide and so we had the vehicle shipped back to Europe.
We were able to view many cultural highlights in all countries and met very friendly people.
Before we started our trip, we were a bit worried about the size of our MAN, which were proven to be unfounded. We were easily able to find a parking spot everywhere and could enjoy a great view almost all the time.
Once again, our Unicat vehicle gave us nothing but joy on this 10,000 kilometer trip.

May 2008
Meanwhile, we have travelled 65,000 kilometers with our vehicle. After touring around the African continent without problems, we have visited great locations in Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. We have been travelling in South America since last December.
We did not spare the MAN and have been able to enjoy our trips thoroughly with the luxuries provided by this vehicle. The truck always worked faultlessly, often under very extreme conditions, to our complete satisfaction.
If we were to buy a new expedition vehicle today, we would reach a decision in a heartbeat: Unicat would have to build the same vehicle one more time.
Once more, our heartfelt thanks to the team at Unicat. 

October 2010
We are traveling now over two years through South America with our expedition vehicle. We started in Buenos Aires and drove criss-cross through Argentina until Ushuaia. Afterwards we were headed north and drove through the Andes always between Chile and Argentina. Another step took us to northern Argentina and to the Atacama Desert in Chile. Our journey continued in the north towards Peru, then southeast towards Bolivia, Paraguay and then we drove through southern Brazil and arrived in Uruguay where we parked our vehicle MAN for now.
It is with great satisfaction that we report the same: an absolutely fantastic vehicle and we never had problems. The regular maintenance services were held in Argentina, Peru and Uruguay by the UNICAT without any problems.

Many thanks to the whole UNICAT team.

Maryse and Albert