Dr. Andreas ANKE

November 2008

Well, we’re a family with two lads of 12 and 14 and for two years now we’ve been going on vacation in our UNICAT. After a test trip in the Danube delta and Turkey, we’ve made two summer trips to West Africa (Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau) and North Africa (Tunisia and Libya).

Although we drove a lot on paved roads, we have also covered many miles on dirt tracks as well as sand dunes. Even with two drivers, a policeman and a Tuareg in Libya, it was quite OK with six people for a few days. The policeman spent the night in the cab and the Tuareg outside.

The MAN has so far stood up well to our travels and all the built-in equipment has proven reliable (for over 40,000 km so far). A few small problems were satisfactorily solved with MAN and UNICAT.

Andreas Anke