Davide & Franca Benfenati


That it was a 4×4 vehicle, there was no doubt!
We are off-roaders and we wanted to travel all over the world.
To tell the truth, however, what kind of vehicle, we did not know.
We were incredibly impressed,  during a trip to Iceland, when we saw a vehicle similar to the one we later built;  we looked up on  internet, and discovered that, in June, there is an exposition  in Germany, in Bad Kissingen, where all the builders and preparers exhibit.
We then visited the show and, after careful analysis, we decided what kind of vehicle we wanted to built.
We needed a reliable, safe, very durable expedition vehicle that didn’t make us give up the comfort and conveniences of a home.
Therefore, to be on the safe side, the best company, market leader, which could make a vehicle of this kind for us, was called UNICAT.
Several years have passed since we made our expedition vehicle and, for what our experience has been in the construction phase and even more so, during our travels, for after-sales assistance, we would always and only recommend UNICAT.