The Opportunity…

Compact and reliable world travel vehicle for 2 persons
Proven, simple chassis technology with Euro 2 emission standard, no DEF, no EGR
Immediately ready for the short trip or for the very big journey.
Upgrades can be done on request.
You do not need to have experience. We will familiarize you with your new mobile home and accompany you as much as you wish.


  • Mercedes-Benz SK 1234 AF 4×4
  • medium cab
  • Wheel base 3900 mm ( 153.5“)
  • Engine Performance 250 kW / 340 hp, Euro 2 (no DEF, no EGR)
  • Mercedes-Benz V6 turbo engine, 10.954 ccm displacement
  • Mercedes-Benz 12-speed manual transmission
  • Transfer gear-box with off-road reduction
  • Permanent all wheel drive with central differential lock
  • Differential locks in front and rear axle
  • Parabolic leaf springs, stabilizers on front and rear axles
  • Drum brakes with ABS
  • 4 x tires 14.00 R 20 Michelin XZL tubeless, 40% tread depth
  • 1 x spare wheel 14.00 R 20 Michelin XZL tubeless, 40% tread depth 
  • Fuel system with main tank and additional tank for 460 liters diesel ( 121,5 gal. )
  • Fuel prefilter with water separator
  • Roof rack with branch guard
  • 2 Halogen high beam light bars on the front of the roof rack
  • 2 Halogen wide beam light bars on the front of the roof rack
  • 2 Halogen working lights mounted sideways on the roof rack
  • 4 Halogen fog lights under the front bumper
  • Headlight protectors
  • Truck horns
  • Front ram protection bar
  • Liftable loading platform for spare wheel and motorbike at the rear 
  • Petrol tank in the chassis
  • 2 air suspended leather seats, heated
  • Electric windows
  • Integrated air conditioning
  • Auxiliary alternator 28V 100A to charge the body batteries
  • Garmin satellite navigation (GPS)
  • Radio with CD player 


Outer dimensions of the cabin

  • Length 5320 mm (209.4”), width 2480 mm (97.6”), height 2155 mm (84.8”) 

Inner dimensions of the cabin

  • Length 5200 mm (204.7”), width 2360 mm (92.9”), height 1973 mm (77.7”) 

Frame assembly

  • 4-point kinematic attachment with main and flex mounts for stress-free body coupling to the torsion elastic chassis frame

Body unit construction

  • Self supporting UNICAT sandwich plate panels of fiberglass composite
  • Wall thickness 60 mm (2.36″) with polyurethane foam insulation, 3 mm (0.12″) FRP outer surface, 2 mm (0.08″) FRP inner surface, insulation rating 0.44 W/m2 K (0.078 Btu/ft2 hr °F)
  • Cold bridge free glued with FRP profiles
  • Bottom panel with integrated welded steel frame and surfaces of FRP
  • Slope at rear to improve slope angle

Access to drivers cab 

  • Highly flexible waterproof bellows coupling 
  • Access opening with door in the body, lockable

Entrance door and storage compartment doors

  • Entrance door and storage compartment doors constructed of fiberglass composite panels
  • Thickness of doors 60 mm (2.36“)
  • Double sealed doors with heavy duty locks and seal compression
  • Anti-theft stainless steel hinges
  • Additional retractable bolts at top and bottom of entrance door
  • Safety profile cylinder with protective cap
  • Safety cylinder locks all keyed alike


  • Scratch-resistant, burglar-proof hinged UNICAT-windows
  • Double insulated thermal window glass
  • Double sealing with combined hollow profile and lip seal
  • Anti-theft stainless steel hinges
  • Window fittings and lock integrated in window frame
  • Aluminium frame roller blinds with sun protection and mosquito net

Skylights and ventilation

  • Scratch-resistant, burglar-proof boots hatch in shower and living room
  • Pane 12,7mm acrylic glass
  • Sealing with hollow profile seal
  • Anti-theft hinges


  • Integrated 3-step staircase with storage compartments
  • Additional 2-step ladder, stored in the entrance door

Interior Layout

Seating area

  • Seating area for 2-4 persons on pedestal at the side of the body
  • Seat benches extendable, 320 mm (12.6”) 
  • Seating unit converts to a bed 1000 mm x 1850 mm (39.4” x 72.8”)


  • Double bed with suspension, ventilation, heating and comfortable mattress
  • Bed mounted in rear on pedestal with step box
  • Size: 1500 mm x 2000 mm ( Queen size, 59” x 78”) 


  • Large combined shower and toilet room with door to isolate from living area 
  • Cupboard with countertop and integrated stainless steel wash basin 
  • Wall cupboard and mirror above the basin
  • Deep shower tray with slope
  • bathroom also usable as dry storage due to its own radiator 
  • Radiator usable as ladder to access the roof and as towel dryer


  • Countertop with integrated stainless steel sink 
  • Force 10 3-flame gas cooker with ove
  • Custom-build professional fridge freezer, stainless steel
  • 24V DC Danfoss compressor
  • Fridge with drawers, 150 liters (39.6 US gallons) 
  • Freezer drawer, 45 liters (11.9 US gallons) 
  • Fresh cold drawer, 40 liters (10.6 US gallons) 
  • Kitchen cabinet with drawers on ball bearings 
  • Shock-proof separation for tableware, cookware and kitchen appliances 
  • Overhead cupboards above kitchen 
  • Extractor hood


  • Wardrobes with clothes rail 
  • Several cupboards with shelves or drawers 
  • Storage drawers 
  • Cupboards, overhead cupboards and storage boxes in bed area 
  • Storage compartment under the bed pedestal, accessible from outside
  • Storage boxes in seating area 
  • Storage boxes under entrance steps 
  • Large storage box under the body on the left side
  • Large rear storage box under the body, slanted 


  • All furniture is built to the highest cabinetmaking standard, made of maple plywood
  • Heavy duty locks and hinges
  • All drawers on ball bearings
  • Surfaces maple wood


  • Durable NORAMENT floor
  • Walls and ceiling are painted with multiple coats
  • Upholstery made of fabric

Technical equipment

Electrical equipment

  • Control panel for power management and monitoring of liquid levels 
  • Battery main switch, fault current breaker, safety cut out 
  • DC power supplied by AGM battery bank 
  • Battery capacity: 24 V – 630 Ah
  • Effective usable energy 7,6 kWh
  • Charged by auxiliary alternator 28 V 100 A
  • Inverter / Chargers 230 V AC, continuous output 1,6 kW
  • Peak output 3 kW, charge rate 40 A 
  • Power plugs for 24V DC and 230V AC

Solar system

  • Solar system for body batteries 12 x 55 Watt
  • Prewiring for additional solar panels


  • 12 halogen ceiling lights above the table, kitchen, bed, corridor and bath 
  • Reading lights in bed and seating area 
  • 2 halogen work lights at the rear 

Fresh water system

  • 440 liters (116 US gallons) freeze-proof drinking water tanks 
  • 20 liters (5.3 US gallons) hot water heat-exchanger with electric heater
  • All plumbing is insulated to prevent freezing 
  • City water connector 
  • Outside shower 

Wastewater system

  • Wastewater tank capacity: 90 liters (23.8 US gallons), mounted under the body


  • Sealand porcelan toilet 
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 50 liters (13.2 US gallons)

Heating system

  • Diesel powered warm water central heating (9,5kW) (32,400 btu) 
  • Connection of heating system with hot water heat exchanger.
  • High radiant heat share due to radiators in living area and sanitary room 
  • Towel dryer type radiator, mounted in the shower 
  • Additional heater in bed area 
  • Antifrost system 

Music system/TV/Video

  • Radio with CD player at the bed
  • Speakers in the seating area 


  • 2 x 10 kg LPG tanks in the outside storage box
  • Lashing points on the roof
  • Spare wheel rack with lift on rear wall 
  • Mounting for 4 sand ladders  
  • 4 aluminium sand ladders     

General information 


  • Length 7504 mm  (295.4”), width 2500mm  (98.4”), height 3680 mm (144.9”)
  • Additional length loading platform: 752 mm (29.6”)


  • Curb weight including fresh water and fuel: 10.800 kg (23.810 lbs)
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 11.900 kg (26.235 lbs)

General condition

  • Construction year: 1999
  • Mileage: app. 235.000 km
  • First hand
  • Chassis and body are in good condition, interior like new

UNICAT service and support

  • Detailed instruction on vehicle operation is included
  • Care and technical support for the new owner is included
  • Modernizations and conversions can be carried out at short notice according to your wishes

Vehicle location

Gewerbering 9-23
76706 Dettenheim Germany

Please contact us for an appointment