2 thoughts on “new video tc78 family suite man tgs 33.510 6×6 x4

  1. Dear friends, I am an old acquaintance of yours, because 20 years ago I bought you 2 Pinzgauers and now that I have grandchildren I would like to be able to buy them the TC78 Family Suite MAN, TGS 33.510 6x6x4 because it is quite wide and I have thought to travel the Pan-American Highway with my family who are 8 members and a 2 year old grandson. I think that the journey will take me 8 months since I must leave a copy of the Fifth Mayan Codex in 50 American museums before exhibiting it in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.
    I would like to know the PRICE IN DOLLARS and some extra notes that you can add to your kind response.
    Thank you very much and keep in touch…
    Sergio Guerrero Morales
    Architect and Founding President of the Mexican Ecologist Movement

  2. The footage of the TC78 Family Suite on the MAN TGS 33.510 6×6 x4 chassis really astounded me. This is the type of car I see myself having since I like exploring the vast outdoors.

    The vehicle’s appearance is first and foremost tough and stunning. The fact that it is a 6×6 makes it much more fascinating, and it seems to be capable of handling whatever terrain you throw at it. The vehicle’s powers were truly shown in the video, including its ability to navigate muddy terrain and ascend steep inclines.

    But the vehicle’s interior is what most impressed me. The TC78 Family Suite is equipped with all the comforts of home, including a complete kitchen and a cozy bedroom space. The bespoke cabinets and slide-out pantry were two examples of the attention to detail that I adored.

    The TC78 Family Suite on the MAN TGS 33.510 6×6 x4 chassis pleased me much overall. Any outdoor journey would be made more thrilling and comfortable with this sort of vehicle. I wouldn’t think twice for a second if I ever had the chance to travel in one of these cars.

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